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How soon can I have my eyeglasses ready?
In most cases we can have your eyeglasses ready for you in one hour.

Do you sell prescription sunglasses?
Yes, we sell prescription sunglasses. We custom make each pair of prescription sunglasses depending on each customer's individual taste and needs. Simply come into our store with your prescription, select a frame and we will have them ready for you.
Do you sell non-prescription sunglasses?
Yes, we sell a variety of non-prescription sunglasses. All of the non-prescription sunglasses we carry are 100% ultraviolet and infrared to provide you with the best protection for your eyes.
How long does an eye exam take? How long does a contact lens exam take?
A regular eye exam usually takes around twenty minutes. A contact lens exam takes a bit longer, around thirty minutes, for a contact lens exam is more extensive than a traditional eye exam. Our doctor takes measurements of the eye, does an examination of the external health of the eye, evaluates your vision, and fits you with contact lenses that work best for you.
How far in advance should I make an appointment with the eye doctor?
Walk-in eye exams are welcome. You can call Vision House as little as a day or as long as a month in advance to set up an appointment with our eye doctor.
Can I bring in an existing prescription from a different doctor to have glasses made?
Yes, if you have an existing prescription from a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist that is valid and current, we are happy to make you glasses. If you do not have an official copy of your prescription or you forget to bring it with you, we will be happy to call your doctor to find out what it is. We can also copy the prescription from your old, broken, or existing glasses to make you a new pair of glasses.
I have a heavy prescription. What lenses would work well for me?
Miracle Lens™ and Miracle Lens Plus™ lenses would work perfectly. Both are state of the art, remarkably thin lenses that provide not only a tremendous amount of comfort, but scratch and impact resistance as well.
What's the best way to clean my lenses?
We give all of our customers a special cleaning cloth that makes eyeglass maintenance easy. Once a month you can wash your lenses with warm, soapy water and dry with a cleaning cloth.
Can I bring in my current frame to have new lenses put in?
Our highly trained lab technicians must determine that your frame is strong enough to withstand the lab process and will last as long as your new lenses. If this is the case, we are happy to fit your old frame with new lenses.
What are progressive lenses?
Progressive lenses provide near, intermediate and distant vision correction. Progressive lenses work well for many people for they do not cause abrupt changes or have unsightly lines.
What are transition lenses?
Transition lenses change from light to dark in response to the UV levels of light. These lenses are very convenient, replacing sunglasses and allowing you to only need one pair of glasses instead of two.
Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes, we sell gift cards. They have been a very popular item for years now, and make the perfect gift for anyone. You can come into Vision House to purchase one at your desired amount.
If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at 617-661-3676 or come to Vision House to speak with a sales associate.
* In most cases
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